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One of the best parts of getting a personal color analysis is receiving your TCI palette fan!

Did you know that color can be measured? We do! That’s why your TCI palette fan is the most accurate, widely used, and recommended 12 Tone color matching tool in the world!

TCI palette fans are handmade in multiple stages. And they’re measured using a spectrophotometer to ensure accuracy. TCI color fans are tiny works of art that you will cherish for years to come!

These beautiful personal color palettes are used by TCI 12 Tone Method analysts, clients, and various industries across the globe to achieve their color matching standards.

Each fan has 65 hues (colors) for endless fashion color harmony! They’re printed on archival-quality cotton linen, they feature edge-to-edge color for easy color matching, they’re guaranteed light fast (won’t fade) for 30 years, and they come with a protective carrying case.

Unlike fabric or commercially printed cardboard swatches, your TCI personal color palette is easy to use. They’re flexible and consistently textured just like fabric. They also have a helpful numbering system for easy color communication.

In case you’re wondering, yes the fan is included with your personal color analysis! I know you want one . . . what are you waiting for?