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Personal color analysis is more popular than ever! And there are tons of choices out there including online tools, in-studio experiences, apps, plugins, quizzes, books, not to mention thousands of social media posts and videos. All the buzz has been great for raising awareness and sharing the benefits of PCA, but it’s also created a lot of confusion.

Getting your personal color analysis is an investment that will last you a lifetime! So how do you sort through all the noise and choose the right personal color analyst? Before you book your appointment, do your homework! Here are some questions to consider:

  • Where did the color analyst do their training?
  • Who developed the color system used?
  • Does the system use the traditional 4-season or 12-tone method?
  • What type of studio will the analysis take place in?
  • What steps are taken to insure an accurate result?
  • How will you prepare for your appointment?
  • What type of tools and education will you receive as part of your investment?

Full disclosure, I’m definitely biased. I had my color analysis done by a TCI analyst (Rebecca Reid, Colorpolitan). But it wasn’t until I did my own research and learned more about the company and its history that I decided to become an analyst myself. If you’re curious about True Colour International, a great place to start is the TCI blog, which has posts beginning in January 2010.

Okay, let’s get back to choosing your personal color analyst. When you see a current TCI Seal, it confirms the provider has fulfilled all requirements for the True Colour International (TCI) Method and Accreditation. This includes:

  1. Completion of TCI Method training course
  2. Attainment of TCI Method studio equipment standards including TCI certified drapes, neutral gray environment, and full-spectrum lighting
  3. Successful completion of post-certificate experience and competency review
  4. Successfully completed a yearly competency review

To find a TCI Certified Personal Color Analyst and learn more about the training and certification process, visit: