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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde

What does this quote have to do with personal color analysis? I’m glad you asked. I believe its message is at the core of what PCA is all about. The power of personal color analysis = Loving yourself just the way you are!

Our natural hair, skin, and eye colors are unique yet always created with perfect color harmony. That’s because color is part of nature, just like we are.

Have you ever looked at your pet and thought, “Oh my! We need to change your fur color!” Probably not. What about a beautiful sunset, beach, forest, flower, mountain vista, etc? Again, I bet your answer is no.

Nature is the original Master Colorist. 🌈⭐❤️

As humans, we have the ability to muck around with things. But why? Why do we feel so compelled to change something that is already perfect the way it is??

Things will change after your personal color analysis. Once you see yourself in your best colors, the ones that harmonize with your natural authentic self, there’s no going back.

Personal color analysis is a life-changing experience. It’s the ultimate homecoming. A return to yourself.